Thursday, October 15, 2015

Family photos

I love the mountains. Last weekend, one of my wife's friend was kind enough to take our family photos up American Fork canyon.  It is great to finally have some professional photos of our little family, and it has forced me to realize how quickly time goes. My son is almost a year old, and soon he will be graduating high school and moving out of the house. I'm grateful for the small moments in life, especially those shared with my wife and son.  I look forward to spending lots of time in the mountains as we try to raise our son into the man Heavenly Father wants him to be. I appreciate the mountains for the symbolism of being close to our Heavenly Father.  I hope my son has an equal love for the mountains, as well as his Father in Heaven.

Photos of my family can be found at my wife's blog. Take a look around, you will also find our recent family adventures, cooking tips, product suggestions, and cleaning tips.

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